Capita in Ireland

Capita first expanded into life and pensions in the international life assurance market in 2003, with Montague House, Dublin being at the heart of the business. 

We provide our clients with a global business model that helps them establish themselves within new markets, develop and launch new products, and grow internationally. We also have a growing actuarial consulting arm, providing services to the Irish market.

Our proven operating model delivers a dedicated service aligned to our clients’ brand, location and proposition, whilst at the same time leveraging shared services to deliver scale, drive quality, and reduce cost and risk. 

Today our experience is spread across all aspects of the international market where we support over 250 product types including 

  • protection, investment and pension products
  • protection – unit-linked, term, life, critical illness, disability, long term care, waiver of premium
  • investment - unit-linked, with-profit, open architecture portfolio bonds, and investment wrapper platform bonds
  • variable annuity GMxB products with guarantees
  • 750 unit-linked funds
  • 5,000 external assets for open architecture portfolio bonds
  • investment wrapper platforms
  • daily and weekly pricing
  • multi-currency 

Based at our Dublin centre of excellence we have gone from strength to strength and our current list of clients includes both domestic and international operations of some major life and pensions companies.