We always deploy our proven governance structure to ensure that we manage operational risk appropriately on your behalf with a focus on consumer protection and delivery of appropriate outcomes for your customers.

In keeping with industry good practice, we operate a ‘three lines of defence’ model. The approach provides you and Capita with a basis for the oversight, assurance and reinforcement of risk management obligations, both internal and regulatory, to be embedded in day-to-day business operations and senior management responsibilities.

We are also able to introduce our Operational Control Frameworks (OCFs) in to your business. Our OCFs offer a proven way of embedding compliance and risk management structures whilst encouraging innovation and delivering tangible service improvements.

Where we manage your services we can embed our award winning OCFs to ensure you can be confident we are operating a controlled business on your behalf, and meeting regulatory and other governance responsibilities.

Capita Operational Control Frameworks are as follows:

  • Treating Customers Fairly
  • Complaints
  • Process and Procedures
  • Breaches (incidents)
  • Quality
  • Training and Competence
  • Root Cause Analysis

Our frameworks are fully integrated and support and complement each other, recognising there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to implementing and embedding them into, or across your organisation.

NOA Award Winner

2013 winner of the NOA "Innovation in Outsourcing" award

“Their submission focused on a solution, based on seven operational control frameworks, which deals with the additional challenges posed in an outsourcing market with multiple locations and the variability in inherited business models and controls. The judges felt it was refreshing to see an organisation like Capita investing in process and recognising it as innovation.”

The NOA panel of judges

Nigel Purveur

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Nigel Purveur - Managing Director, Life & Pensions International 


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Tony Brown

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Tony Brown - Managing Director, Life, Pensions & Specialist Services


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