Policy administration

Whether your business needs to adapt to changing regulation or you are looking to add value to your services we have the capability to support your strategic objectives and deliver excellence in policy administration

If you are looking to create a new operation or transferring an established one, we have a proven track record in the delivery of individual services, entire functions and end-to-end business processes, even in highly regulated environments. We provide a secure technology base for your service, ensuring our systems integrate fully with yours.

Our experience extends to process transformation, people and customer management, helping you to plan and manage your costs more effectively while your customers benefit from high quality service standards.

Achieving real value?

A partnership with us means guaranteed service standards - we have developed a range of innovative contract frameworks under which we work on an outcome basis with penalties if we don’t meet service levels. In practice, we always work to exceed any service level agreements and find this delivers value to you whilst protecting and improving service outcomes.

We have achieved award-winning policy administration services as a result of the practical experience we have gained in the field - rather than models learnt in the classroom. Our high levels of customer satisfaction and low complaint levels have been recognised year after year by the financial services industry.

Nigel Purveur

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Nigel Purveur - Managing Director, Life & Pensions International 

E: nigel.purveur@capita.co.uk

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Tony Brown

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Tony Brown - Managing Director, Life, Pensions & Specialist Services

E: tony.brown@capita.co.uk

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