How can you move forward with ‘digital’ if you can’t agree what it is?

09 October 2017

How can you move forward with ‘digital’ if you can’t agree what it is? Digital means different things to different people – and the lack of a common understanding is often what holds people and organisations back.

In our experience, we’ve found that one thing is very clear – by the time an organisation is talking about ‘going digital’ they are, in fact, looking for technology-enabled change. This kind of change is more deep-rooted – and social and behavioural – not just about technology or processes.

There’s no point designing impressive tech solutions if staff and customers don’t see the point of them, end up not using them to their full advantage – or, worse still, not using them at all. How you ‘do digital’ matters as much as what you do.

Successful digital programmes deliver defined and measurable outcomes:

  • cost reduction
  • increased productivity
  •  income generation
  • demand management
  • improved user experience.

Which of these is most important to an organisation can of course change over time, but the flexibility in the way we work means we can find the right balance of focus at the right time for you.


Digital change: different stages of maturity

While there’s no final destination for digital, there are stages of maturity. Our digital maturity curve, helps paint a picture of where an organisation is now, where we could help them move to, and possible future vision. We offer support and technology at each stage of the digital change process.

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