Capability Development

The capacity to navigate an increasingly volatile environment is now more than ever ‘a must’ if an organisation is to thrive.

Capability Development works in partnership with our clients to support them in realising a vision for their future, whether that is in a tangible improvement in productivity and efficiency, in delighting customers or having a happier, more confident workforce. 

We work with our clients to design and deliver solutions tailored for their business needs through the better development and management of people and process

Our capacity to respond at pace to offer creative innovative solutions has enabled us to support our partners across numerous sectors in their quest for business excellence. 

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Our approach

We believe that people are critical to success and growth and Capability Development have a team of passionate, trusted consultants who have been drawn from a range of sectors, bringing real life experience that we apply to our practice. Our tried and tested portfolio of solutions incorporates disciplined project planning capability and an operational understanding that succeeds in fast paced, evolving environments.

Through our customised and blended training solutions we can make complicated processes understandable. We are specialists in a regulatory environment – we have done the job and continue to understand the changing regulatory landscape.

The key characteristic of successful change is sustainability and through solutions, we support our clients in their efforts to create a compelling future for their organisation.

What we offer

We build relationships with our clients allowing us to share in their strategies and objectives, so we can create customised solutions aligned to their goals.

Focus managers capabilities and competencies to realise behavioural change in the management population, driving operational efficiency and bottom line savings.

Helps you transform how you interact with your clients and deliver a positive customer experience that reduces complaints and increases customer satisfaction.

Focus on practical efficient methods and tangible results. Some examples are:

  • E-design
  • Executive Personal Development
  • Training and Competency scheme
  • Operational Frameworks

Client testimonial

Capability Development have been an inspiration to my department. We are already feeling massive benefits in the short time they have been here. I am impressed with the sheer work rate and flexibility of the team, they are roles models in behaviours and attitudes and something any team should be proud of.

Connecting with you

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