Operational excellence

Increasing regulatory pressure and changing customer expectations are just two of many challenges that face businesses today as they strive to meet their operational excellence objectives.

It is through our effective Operational Control Frameworks (OCFs) that we are able to manage our clients’ operations more effectively than our clients can themselves.

We can help organisations to drive efficiencies, improve performance management, reduce costs and develop better services by improving their processes and by enabling them both to make better use of their people/networks and to utilise new technologies.

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Our approach

Outstanding results

Whether you are working in the public or private sector, you can be confident that our people are 100 per cent committed to delivering outstanding results that benefit your business.

Extensive experience

Our team are all skilled Lean Six Sigma practitioners, with extensive experience gained on continuous improvement programmes.

Cost-effective solutions

We provide a wide range of cost-effective, flexible business improvement solutions to help you achieve the best levels of performance from your operations.

Understanding and new opportunities

Working on-site alongside your staff, our practitioners use a proven methodology to gain an understanding of your current business and to identify where there are opportunities for improvements to be made.

What to expect

Organisations have learned that the only way to deal with new market challenges is to take a broad, holistic view to organisational performance in order to create value.


We view the challenge of operational risk management as an opportunity to help organisations thrive and stay at the forefront of their markets.

Introducing operational control frameworks into your organisation will ensure that your clients have a consistent approach across their operations, that they always apply best practice and that they deliver service excellence to their key stakeholders, customers, clients and regulators.

We manage and embed change to:

  • The delivery of service improvements and of new services into effective functioning
  • The engagement of employees with customer or client objectives
  • The identification and delivery of the critical details in support of client business change

We create processes and systems that minimise risk and that help our clients to remain compliant by developing governance, risk management and regulatory guidance.

Processes can be improved by analysing business activities to identify potential areas of waste, ensuring that all efforts are expended in areas that will create value and raise profits.

Client testimonial

Capita has really understood our corporate strategy and challenged us to achieve the best possible scheme for our workforce. As we move into ‘business as usual’, we’ve welcomed Capita’s analytical approach to governance, and their delivery of real value in steering our strategy.

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