Digital strategy

Smart digital solutions transform how organisations operate, drive down costs and provide better customer experiences.

Exploiting digital opportunities can enhance customer experience whilst delivering cost reduction. The best digital approaches are nimble and holistic – whilst enabled by technology, they also require organizational and operational change

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Administer approximately 16 million policies in the UK, Ireland and internationally

230 specialists

Have over 230 experienced claims and underwriting specialists across the UK

What we offer

Digital solutions should be tailored to an organization’s specific objectives and current situation. We use our digital journey mapping to understand where you are on your digital journey, helping you to achieve your immediate objectives and position for the future.

Unified digital platform

Analytics capabilities

Business and IT integration

Cyber security

Digital products

Mobile and Apps

Omi-channel sales

Programmed robot

Advice capabilities

Process automation

Data collation and migration

Customer service

Cross selling

Machine learning

Data analysis,

Collation and migration

Decision making



Visual & audio recognition

Pattern recognition


Autonomous systems

Device connection

Data sensing


Data analytics

Data value

Human value

Data storage

Data analytics

Predictive analytics

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas)

Software-as-a-Service (Saas)

Autocomplete-as-a Service (AaaS)

Device connection

Security testing 

Security management 

Security governance, risk and compliance 

Security solutions 

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We have been particularly pleased with the way that the workshop sessions have run and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from our managers. The Capita team have been knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and approachable.

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