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Faced with the threats of commoditisation, technological advances, regulatory intervention and increased competition, companies must continuously assess how they are adding value to their customer offerings and to their business.

Capita's data analytics solutions can be adapted either to help develop an organisation's own existing analytics capabilities or to provide data analytics as a service.

Data analytics gives businesses access to a wealth of real-time data that can enable them to respond faster to changes in both the market and in customer behaviour. With more information and deeper insight into their customers, competitors, risks and potential markets, organisations are much better equipped to maintain their competitive advantage, to enhance customer service and to improve their business processes.

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Our services

Through the use both of analytical tools, techniques and processes and of the range of skills and expertise available within our team, we can provide support that is tailored to your specific needs, including:

We liaise right across your business, to translate the business problem into the types of data and analysis which will allow us to provide clear insight.

We source and manipulate datasets into a form for analysis, and we develop infrastructure, whether that’s as part of a secure on-premises solution or it involves deploying analytics on a private or public cloud.

We develop decision models which enable us to exploit advanced analytical tools and various spatial analysis, visualisation, statistical and machine-learning techniques.

We also blend design research, such as qualitative techniques, customer journey mapping, focus groups and ethnography.

Taking the analysis output, we enable you to fully understand and apply the insight provided, whether through strategic decision making or via AI-based process automation.

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