Internet of things (IoT)

As the internet of things become ever more embedded into consumer lifestyles, it will transform customers' behaviour and expectations, reshaping the ways in which they want organisations to provide them with services and communications.

As customers become more digitally savvy, they will expect organisations to understand their needs more quickly, with frictionless digital engagement of “whenever and whatever”, and they will demand more active control with their purchases. 

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Our approach

Bespoke IoT capabilities

Capita has the people, technology and understanding to provide organisations with the most up-to-date bespoke IoT capabilities.

Servicing your customers around the clock

We can enable businesses to service their customers around the clock by integrating their IoT with our sophisticated, intuitive and responsive digital platforms.

Understanding your customers' behaviour 

Our solutions can help businesses both to connect with and to influence their customers by amalgamating our data analytics into their IoT.

This tool extracts and complies detailed customer information, which can enable organisations to identify a multitude of opportunities and risks, and to offer a better and more relevant service to their customers. 

What to expect

By using our IoT solutions offering, you will find different methods of connecting with new customer targets and of providing innovative service and product offerings that can generate a new stream of revenue.

For example, you can track real-time customer lifestyle behaviour through the use of smart devices, such as FitBit wearables, and use the information obtained to develop more relevant products and services, to influence customer behaviour and to better calculate risks and premiums.

Our data analytics can drive real-time customer data, which can enable a business to create relevant, sophisticated and engaging content based on the data they have been able to capture from customer devices and machines.

By having access to real-time operational and customer data, organisations will be able to access very quickly what is profitable and what can be a risk, allocating the appropriate resources to improve scalability and profitability.

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Once we have recouped the initial investment, we’ve calculated that we could save close to £1/4m every year with IoT.

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