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There are currently massive changes being made to the pensions landscape because pensions regulators have realised that too few people are saving money for their retirement.

To encourage more people to save, governments are enforcing new pension reforms and integrating a platform technology into their business model which will pipeline all pensions into a centralised place. This will have an impact on many insurance and pension providers.

At Capita, we have the knowledge and technology to help you develop your offerings to meet the new requirements. We can build the latest pension dashboard and multi-media platforms, with robust end-to-end capabilities that will enable your customers to access and manage all their pensions activities. At the same time, we can facilitate pension data transmission safely and securely into the government pension dashboard, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Our seamless pensions platform solution will not only enable your business to stay compliant, it will enhance the user experience, increase profitability and reduce costs as well.

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Our approach

Providing end-to-end service capabilities

We will provide a full pensions dashboard management system solution, as well as our operational delivery solutions.

Administering your current business

Our extensive experience and capabilities mean that we can administer your business in one of two ways: we can either supply a pensions platform solution or provide support in developing your current financial system.

Enhancing user experience

We can support and administer investment platforms and payment platforms to enhance user experience.

Supporting all key stages of the retirement life cycle

We can support and integrate solutions that will facilitate all key stages of the retirement life cycle, including flexi-access or capped drawdowns, pension contributions, annuity, pension credit and deferred pensions.  

Client testimonial

Capita were conscious of our business needs and took the time to understand the challenges we faced. Capita had a complete technical solution, but also pragmatic pensions staff who understood the underpinning legislation and how their software could be used to meet its requirements. They delivered on what they promised, on time, under budget and thoroughly implemented, with ongoing client support now in place.

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