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Our customer and intermediary portals and application solutions transform how organisations operate, drive down costs and provide better customer experiences. 

When you partner with us, you get access to the expertise and technology that you need to create and implement the right software tools and services for your organisation.

We’re a leading supplier of technology-enabled solutions and services across both the private and public sectors. We offer a range of digital solutions designed to transform how organisations operate, from automation and workflow to self-service portals and customer engagement apps.

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Our approach

Understanding your needs

By working closely with our clients, we build a thorough understanding of their needs. We can then either offer one of our existing software solutions to meet requirements or create innovative and transformational solutions to respond to unique business challenges. Our aim is to deliver the best customer experience to our clients while keeping costs to a minimum.

Agent for change

We don’t just design the solutions, we also deliver them, based on proven business models, with high quality standards and within agreed budgets. We’re able to do this by drawing on our rich and varied capabilities and our extensive service infrastructure. Capita is an agent for change, listening to our clients, creating unique solutions and delivering value to all our stakeholders.

What to expect

We can help any organisation to digitise their services. This facilitates data capture and processing via intelligent online forms and automated workflow, thereby enabling businesses to run more efficiently and to improve customer service.

We offer a flexible app development and management console which enables organisations to create their own bespoke smartphone apps, helping them to achieve convenient two-way communication with their customers.

With our integrated online portal, customers can self-serve via a range of channels to best suit them, and organisations can share information and transact with end users in a cost-efficient and more customer-friendly way.

We provide a choice of convenient, easy-to-use and highly secure digital payment methods, making it easy for customers to pay for goods or services and improving their overall experience.

We provide a highly secure payment platform that allows your customers to pay online for goods and services 24/7, while reducing your payment processing costs.

Further efficiencies can be achieved through integration with your back-office systems, eliminating hours of data entry and ensuring that all systems are kept up to date by automatically recording details of the payments you receive.

Furthermore, our solutions are optimised to enable customers to make payments using their smartphone and tablet devices. We also provide the option to pay via Barclays Pingit, and accept payments made using Apple Pay.

As part of any transformation and efficiency programme, organisations have the opportunity to improve service and save money by minimising both their paper usage and the number of repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks their staff are required to carry out. Benefits of introducing an electronic content management (ECM) system include:

  • Improved customer services
  • Increased productivity and time savings
  • Greater efficiencies
  • Improved compliance
  • Proven cost savings
  • Better user satisfaction
  • Greener environmental credentials
  • Documents no longer at risk from fire, floods and damp

Client testimonials

We have already seen a 10 per cent reduction in calls to customer services as residents have started to use the app to report things, find out information for themselves and make payments.

Connecting with you

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