Technology is transforming the way the insurance industry operates. To remain competitive, organisations must adapt to digital innovations and use them to provide better services to customers.

Digital technology is transforming consumer behaviour and is now key to delivering a great customer experience and strengthening customer engagement with your business. As a result of this changing landscape, Capita is using its robo-advice capabilities with little human intervention to help provide accessible digital financial advice to customers at low cost.

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Our approach

Offering flexible solutions

We understand the changing market and can either integrate with any robo-advice solution that you already have or help you to develop one which is right for your business.

Providing a better quality of service

By using robo-advice in your services, you can allow your customers to make their decisions without feeling pressured.

Working as a trusted partner

You can rely on our insight and experience to help you develop a business solution that is carefully tailored to your needs.

Focusing on customers

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is essential that you are able to meet your customers' needs. We understand this and will help you both to integrate new business solutions and to develop your propositions so that your services are fit for the digital age.



What to expect

At Capita, we take our own robo-advice capabilities and team up with other robo-advice partners in order to provide the most up-to-date services to our clients and their customers.

We allow you to stay ahead of your competitors by providing automated tools that give you access to a wider range of customers.

Robo-advice solutions will benefit your existing and new customers by enabling them to access financial advice quickly from the comfort of their own homes.

We can help you to create a seamless purchasing journey for your customers.

We deliver bespoke and effective robo-advice solutions that fit with your business strategy, improving your business outcomes.


RoboAdvice is currently used in financial planning, providing financial advice and investing. However, as the industry undergoes digital transformation, more products are being developed by small start-ups and are moving towards new markets that have an increasing need for such services.

Connecting with you

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