Robotic process automation (RPA)

These days, there is a constant stream of new technology that consumers are quick to adopt, and organisations need to be able to keep up with the changes in order to stay competitive. Finding innovative digital solutions can increase value to your customers, improve performance, increase profit growth and scale down on costs.

At Capita, we can help transform your business by implementing a robotic process automation solution. The virtual workforce automates tasks that would normally be done by human employees, which can both increase productivity and enable you to service more customers, and, through reducing processing costs by up to 80 per cent, it can also free up funds for other business initiatives.

Our end-to-end RPA solution can automate a range of processes, including financing, reporting, client on-boarding and management and data migration.

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Our approach

Laying the foundations

Automation is now an integral part of any transformation programme, unlocking value for an organisation by providing a step change in efficiency and cost to serve. At Capita, we start with basic automation, which lays the foundations for our whole AI-based solutions set.

Determining the ‘long list’ of opportunities

We weave automation into our clients’ transformation plans, where appropriate, as part of our solution toolkit. We’ve found the best approach is for us to work with organisations during the ‘define’ stage of our methodology, to determine the ‘long list’ of opportunities.

No need to change your IT/systems

We collaborate with every individual business to prioritise deployments, working within the constraints of resource, in-flight change programmes and business cycles. We understand that SME time is precious, so our methodology places minimal demands on clients’ organisations. No investment on new technology, servers or infrastructure is required – our solution works with existing systems, with minimal demands of time from your operations team.

Rapid return on investment

Deployment takes place within weeks, rather than months, and RoI is typically anywhere between 9 and 15 months, depending on the current cost base.

What to expect

Every business today is assessing the benefits of implementing automation, robotics and artificial intelligence in its processes. However, to deploy this initiative successfully within an organisation, it is critical to have a time-tested and robust methodology. Over the last few years, we have been developing and deploying robotic process automation solutions both for our clients and for our internal function.

This hands-on experience has enabled us to hone our approach into three distinct phases, with a clear go/no-go for each phase.

We work with your business to identify the process, to evaluate feasibility and to create a ‘case for change’ that is supported by a cost/benefit analysis.

Our design phase is about working with your business to design the solution and to ensure that it is fit for purpose, a process which is underpinned by user acceptance testing.

Our delivery phase is where we commence staged release onto production and perform a review of the overall solution to ensure that it meets your expectations of effectiveness and efficiency.

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