Financial and regulatory reporting

The financial services industry is trying to keep up with the changing pace of customer behaviour and constant advances in technology, and this is having an effect on the amount of time and resources organisations can devote to improving their financial accounting and regulatory reporting.

At Capita, we work with many businesses that are highly regulated and we understand the requirements placed on businesses for more transparency, detailed and accurate reporting and quicker report submissions. Our turnkey solution can deploy our team of experts to oversee all financial and regulatory reports, or we can develop a bespoke automated accounting and reporting platform, where data can be managed and submitted in a streamlined integrated process.

Ultimately, using either of our solutions can drive down costs, ensure compliance, offer new insights that highlight new and missed opportunities, and free up resources for areas of your business that require more attention.

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Our approach

Financial accounting tasks and preparation

We carry out financial accounting tasks, including the preparation of statutory accounts, Solvency II reporting and regulatory returns (such as those reported to the Association of British Insurers). We can:

•  Prepare quarterly, half-yearly and year-end statutory accounts
•  Work with our clients' external auditors
•  Provide post-actuarial liability and other expense-related services
•  Provide post-investment related entries (e.g. realised and unrealised gains, shares, etc.)
•  Provide cash forecasts and other MI, including claims and premium analysis

Analysis and informed management decisions

We know that the timely provision of accurate financial results and analysis is vital to your business, not only so that you can fulfil your regulatory obligations, but also so that you are able to make informed management decisions.


Allowing you to focus on interpretation and decision-making

Our life accounting team take responsibility for the regular production of reporting figures and their analysis, allowing you to focus on interpretation and decision-making.

Assisting with the day-to-day work

Our variety of experience levels means that we can assist either with the day-to-day work of the team or with management of the team to ensure that your deadlines are met. We have performed financial accounting and regulatory reporting tasks for clients both on- and off-site.

Automation and eliminating version control

Our end-to-end solution is integrated with robotics and artificial intelligence that can capture and submit data automatically, with minimum manual intervention. This improves accuracy and drives down cost.


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