New business processing

In today’s increasingly competitive industry, effective and efficient processing of new business can be a struggle for insurers.

It is typically a manually intensive process, and because they are often lacking in technological investment, insurers have to rely on their employees for support.

At Capita, we invest in the technology that enables us to develop our capabilities. This means that we are perfectly equipped to help you handle the increased volume of new business processing and, at the same time, improve the quality of the process, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

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Our approach

Professional experience

Our highly trained and experienced administration, claims and underwriting staff are available to help you at every stage of your policy process, whether you require support with complex underwriting or with claims submissions.


We provide a secure technology base for your service, ensuring that our systems integrate fully with yours, even in highly regulated environments. We always work to exceed any service level agreements and find that this delivers value to you and still protects and improves service outcomes.


As a provider of services to firms in a highly regulated industry, we must be able to demonstrate to our clients that their business will be as safe in our hands as it is in their own.

Customer focus

Our solution allows us to control and manage your customer interactions and to better align the service with your business objectives, thus retaining your competitive edge.


Our services

We work in partnership with our clients to design creative solutions and to deliver cost-efficient, dependable services. We have made, and continue to make, significant investment in technologies that transform the solutions we offer.

Underpinned by proactive case reviews, our flexible and transparent service actively tracks claims throughout their life cycle to ensure that tasks are completed promptly and effectively.

Combining innovative digital solutions with flexible clinical delivery models, we are the leading service provider of medical data within its core markets, including providing nurse screenings, tele-interviewing and doctor’s assessments, and securing GP records.

Our turnkey term assurance and income protection solution allows rapid market entry at a lower cost, using digital platforms to support your consumer propositions. It offers consumers a modern and simple protection solution.

We will deliver increased customer satisfaction by bringing better communication, transparency and efficiency to the process.

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