Investment administration

Capita's years of experience working in close partnership with investment managers, fund boards and fund sponsors mean that we can provide a leading fund accounting and administration service.

We tailor our approach to meet your operational and regulatory business needs and can service a variety of fund structures, including open ended, closed ended, listed and unlisted.

We have been providing services to UK and offshore closed-ended funds since 1986, and our credentials are impressive. We are one of the leaders in the field, providing a high-touch and specialist service to the sector’s most prestigious funds, and we are the only provider able to offer a full end-to-end service under one roof. Specialist fund services represent a core focus of our business; our flexible model and comprehensive services suite allow us to tailor our offering to meet our clients’ exact requirements.

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Our approach

We work with you to give you a firm understanding of the quality of your data, to put in place the most appropriate programme for addressing issues identified and to establish an ongoing process for monitoring data quality at regular intervals.

We assist schemes and product providers throughout the analysis-improvement-measurement data management cycle.

And we’ll help you cut costs and enhance scheme performance, improving both your efficiency and quality of governance.

If you want to ensure that you comply with the Data Protection Act and various pension acts and regulations, let us help you assess the quality of your data, identify potential data issues and create solutions to keep your data fit.

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Our services

Capita's years of experience working in close partnership with investment managers, fund boards and fund sponsors means we can provide a leading fund accounting service. We tailor our approach to meet your operational and regulatory business needs and can service a variety of fund structures including open ended, closed ended, listed and unlisted.

What we do

  • Maintenance of fund books and records
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations – we can provide a wide range of valuation frequencies (daily, weekly, up to annually) as required by the specific funds
  • Supporting a variety of performance fee calculation methodologies
  • Accounts prepared to both Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Automated upload of daily trading activity
  • Daily reconciliation of cash balances
  • Processing of corporate actions and dividends
  • Automatic allocation of profit & loss across share classes
  • Share class hedging allocations
  • Ability to handle over-the-counter (OTC)/hard to value instruments
  • Specialist transition team
  • Tax compliance services
  • Preparation of management accounts.

As part of our investment administration offering we provide leading TA and registrar services to various types of funds and assets through our regulated entities in the UK, Ireland and Jersey. 

What we do:

  • Registration, dealing and box management
  • Provision of a full digital online adviser and D2C dealing, payment and servicing system
  • Full compliance framework
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Investor servicing
  • Links to all major straight through processing (STP) message providers and platforms
  • Ecommerce connectivity for investment managers
  • Integrated anti-money laundering (AML) reporting
  • Offshore fund LSE listing capabilities
  • ISA and junior ISA (JISA) plan manager.

We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer a range of Authorised Fund Manager (AFM) solutions and can provide independent Authorised Corporate Director (ACD), Authorised Contractual Scheme (ACS) Operator and Authorised Unit Trust Manager (AUTM) services for investment managers who are looking to manage client assets within UK regulated funds.

As an investment manager this means that you are able to concentrate on the management of the fund. While you do this, we will provide a complete regulatory framework for the authorised fund including:

  • Obtaining FCA approval for the scheme
  • Retaining overall regulatory responsibility for all the activities of a fund and ensuring that this is controlled by substantial focus on oversight and risk management
  • Helping investment managers develop the appropriate fund structure and distribution model
  • Managing relationships with various third parties, including depositaries, custodians and auditors
  • Production and maintenance of required scheme documentation – Full Prospectus, Report and Accounts, Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and Additional Investor Information Document (AIID)
  • Overseeing of fund administration, including valuation, pricing, share holder dealing and registration
  • Maintaining oversight of the investment management process and the fund's portfolio to ensure it is invested in accordance with the prospectus and applicable regulations
  • Managing relationships with the depositary and the FCA in relation to the funds
  • Maintaining awareness of relevant regulatory change and ensuring that required changes are implemented.

We can service a variety of fund structures including:

  • NURS
  • QIS
  • PAIF
  • ACS
  • AIF
  • Open-ended Investment Companies (OEIC)
  • Authorised Unit Trusts (AUT)

We provide an AIFM service to real estate, private equity, infrastructure, listed investment companies/trusts OEICs and unit trusts.

Our regulated entities in the UK and Dublin are authorised by the FCA and the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) respectively to provide an independent Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) solution to alternative investment funds (AIFs).  We offer a service for alternative investment fund structures to meet the on-going obligations under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD or ‘The Directive’), allowing investment managers to focus on portfolio management and distribution. We also provide a non-EU AIFM solution in Jersey.

We can offer you the valuable benefits of an independent external AIFM including:

  • An independent entity specialising in oversight and risk management, employing the requisite skill set and resources
  • Provision of the required regulatory capital
  • Reduces risks and costs – you will benefit from economies of scale, particularly when it comes to keeping pace with the cost of regulatory reporting and managing regulatory change
  • Removing the need for complex organisational models
  • Providing a single point of contact for supervisory and regulatory relationships
  • Providing access to established working relationships with a range of services providers and other third parties including depositaries.

Our specialised, experienced teams in the UK, Jersey and Luxembourg deliver flexible, personalised and bespoke private equity (PE) fund services for a diverse group of clients for structures domiciled in their local jurisdictions, as well as Cayman, Guernsey and British Virgin Islands (BVI).

We service all types of fund structures including limited partnerships, unit trusts, venture capital trusts (VCTs) and investment trusts/companies.

Our key services

  • Fund / central administration
  • Fund accounting
  • Investor support
  • Fund structuring
  • Domiciliary support
  • Regulatory support
  • Corporate/SPV administration
  • Listed fund services.

Client testimonial

The team has provided invaluable support since our first engagement and has consistently demonstrated in depth knowledge of the fund structure and asset class.

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