Underwriting and claims

With over 230 experienced claims and underwriting specialists offering risk management services across all types of protection portfolios, including; life, critical illness, income protection, enhanced annuities and long term care products, we offer a wide and flexible range of services.

What’s more, our resources are spread across the UK, providing flexibility and allowing us the ability to respond to your requirements wherever you are based.

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Our approach

Our experienced insurance professionals handle underwriting and claims emanating from traditional lines of business such as marine, non-marine, property and casualty, as well as more niche loss types such as disease and dental backed up by sophisticated management information analytics.


Underpinned by proactive case reviews our flexible and transparent service actively tracks claims throughout their life cycle to ensure tasks are completed promptly and effectively.

We can deal with the whole claims management spectrum from legacy to live and from specialist lines to wholesale accounts - and we operate in regional, international and global contexts.

100 million customers contact us each year in our multi-channel centres

230 specialists

Have over 230 experienced claims and underwriting specialists across the UK

Our services

As part of our portfolio of Underwriting services, we offer quality led underwriting support. We can take responsibility for the complete end to end process, manage key stages from triage underwriting and evidence gathering to final decision making. We provide pre-sales underwriting, tele-underwriting, full medical assessments, Chief Medical Officer and reassurer referral services.

Our Claims services support the management of your claims throughout the claim lifecycle or offer help with any part of the process from claim notification to the review of your admitted claims. Our experienced assessors provide an excellent tele-claims service or liaise with a health care professional to visit your claimants at home to complete a claim form and understand the circumstances.

We also have the skills and expertise to identify and manage cases that need a pro-active approach and recognise the benefits of engaging early with claimants to assess opportunities for intervention. Our Health and Wellbeing services provide us with an extensive rehabilitation offering that supports our pro-active claim management plans.

We can also offer a claims referral service for that critical second opinion, together with a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) claim referral service, which provides a prompt response from our panel of CMO’s.

Whether you want to evaluate the knowledge and capability of your professionals or go further and look at your effectiveness, we can leverage the breadth of our experience to provide an independent review.

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This new life insurance claims process means the time it takes on average to receive a payout will drop from four months to just four weeks.

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