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It’s currently estimated that more than one million pensions worth £3 billion have been abandoned in dormant accounts, and Experian's Unclaimed Asset Register (UAR) predicts that by 2050 some £750 billion of pension funds will remain unclaimed.

Not all customers will remember or have the time to inform their pension or insurance providers that they have moved or changed their contact number.

At Capita, we can easily help you to solve this problem. Whether you are a large or small organisation, our unique, multi-layered end-to-end tracing solution can help to re-unite you with your lost customers.

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Our approach

Leading the field

We are recognised as industry leaders in helping clients to locate people and to trace lost assets.

End-to-end online tracing

Whether you are a trustee or are looking on behalf of a financial institution, we can provide you with an advanced end-to-end online tracing and verification solution. This solution builds upon our current tracing and verification services.

Driving up verification rates

The addition of our online verification portal, eVON™, will help drive up your verification rates significantly, typically surpassing industry averages.

Integrating with pre-existing systems

Using our Completetrace™, we can neatly integrate with pre-existing systems to cause minimal disturbance to client IT infrastructure.

What to expect

Our comprehensive blend of data sources enables us to be highly effective in the initial tracing process, a pivotal part of the full tracing service.

Once an individual has been traced, getting them to verify that the information is correct can prove tricky. However, Completetrace™ offers a range of sophisticated and conventional verification methods, including our intuitive online verification portal eVON™.

Our solution for financial institutions can be offered as a white label service, allowing for a customised brand experience for when our clients’ customers access the online tracing and verification portal.

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